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5 Ways to Increase Your Sales

Chances are, ask any business owner, and most of them would say they strive to increase sales at their business. Who wouldn’t? The truth is, however, doing so is often easier said than done. As a business owner, if you’re not constantly evolving and testing new lead generation methods you’ve already fallen behind.

We’ve done some of the legwork for you and there are 5 ways to get sales pumping.

  1. Be Impressive. Sure, you have a logo and some letterhead, but branding is so much more than that. 94% of first impressions are design related. Are you confident your materials are up to snuff? Effective branding is all about making a first impression that aligns with your business strategy and lasts well beyond the initial business card exchange. Ensure your brand image is consistent across all of your channels (your email signature lines, your direct mail pieces, brochures, and more) and that your collateral carries messaging that speaks to your target audience.
  1. Be Seen. Now that you’ve built your brand, your customers and prospects need to know where to find you. Don’t limit your brand building to just collateral and communications, remember to include effective signage and branded vehicles into your strategy as well. After all, the more eyes on your brand, the better. Let’s be honest, you can’t sit back sipping your coffee waiting for your prospects to come walking through your door because it’s not going to happen. Be proactive and develop a plan for consistent client outreach. Do you have a strategy in place to hit your target audience on every channel? A good marketing strategy includes a mix of print, email, and digital communications since a prospect generally has to be hit over the head with your brand at least 5 -7 times before they will remember you and take any sort of action.
  1. Be Found. We say it quite a bit around here, but it definitely bears repeating if your business can’t be found on online, then it doesn’t exist. That’s because the vast majority of consumers do research a about a particular product or service well before they even step foot into your office, and more and more are completing there purchase entirely online, with no interaction at all. So, you’ll want to design a user and search engine friendly website that not only drives prospects to your site, but can convert them into sales. E-commerce friendly websites with shopping carts are great for ringing up online-sales.
  1. Be Proactive. We’ve seen first hand what happens when you drive dozens of leads to your sales team and they aren’t ready for the rush. Trust us, it’s not pretty. Make sure you have informed your team of your marketing initiatives and they are prepared with the materials they need to keep prospects moving through the funnel. This could mean voicemail scripts, case studies and whitepapers, or even thank you cards and gifts to make your customers and prospects feel appreciated throughout your sales process.
  1. Be Approachable. Remember, people don’t do business with faceless companies they do business with people. Make your company feel a little more personal by putting your executives’ pictures and an “about us” blurb on your website. You can even keep the conversation going by starting a blog like this one or getting involved with your community. Local charity events and tradeshows are not only great PR opportunities, but it allows your customers and prospects to get to know you on a personal level and see you outside of your office space. More importantly, make yourself available to your customers when they reach out to you and provide several methods of contact – email, phone, web, etc – for them to do it.

How are you driving sales at your business? Be sure to share your own tips and tricks in the comments section below.

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