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13 Deadly Design Sins

13 Deadly Sins Graphic Designers Should Avoid

Whether you are just starting your career, you’re a seasoned veteran or you are on the hunt for the right graphic designer for your company – here are few things to keep in mind.

Comic Sans is obsolete

This front from the early 2000s is a big no-no for any self-respecting graphic designer. Avoid this at all costs – it’s not worth it.

Not naming files correctly

Most graphic designers have a naming convention, read up on them – come up with your own. Stay organized and no “asdfghj” file names, please and thank you!

Using Photoshop filters to disguise crappy images

We know Photoshop has a few tricks up it sleeves to help hide the pixelated picture you’re using. Do yourself (and everyone) a favor and just find or request an image with higher resolution.

Create a logo that works

Make sure that the logo you created is a vector application, this way it can work on a printed brochure or an electronic billboard.

Relying on spell check

Your computer is smart, but it’s not a real person. If you use the tools at your disposal without thinking (and reading) you could find yourself in a bind.

Not proof reading.

Red it. Read it again 😉

Don’t Flatten your Photoshop file

You may never know when you need to go back and “make the logo bigger.”

Relying too much on design trends

Your work will date quickly. Design trends can be fun to play with, and you may think it’s important to jump on trends as they come, but remember that your design may have to last longer than that trend will be around.

Too much text on one line

Find a way to cut down or reformat text so it doesn’t become a long sentence that just does not fit with the design.

Improperly kerning

If your kerning, 9the spacing between letters0, is not consistent, your text can be completely misread.

Cropping excessively

If you must crop, do it sparingly and make sure to not change the composition of the image. And if at all possible, leave the image alone.

Looking on stock websites for logos

Your client is coming to you for originality – stock images are a huge no-no. Not to mention the possible copyright issues down the line. Stay far, far away.

Overdoing shadows and embossing

Amateur & tacky – steer clear.


These are just a few of “don’t touch with a 10-foot pole” rules, but some others include:  don’t work without having coffee first, don’t steal (or borrow) someone else’s artwork, and don’t be lazy! Get designing and have some fun!

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