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30 Ideas in 30 Minutes: Business Expo and Showcase Edition

Worker Bees from Blue Bumble joined forces with members of the Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce to come up with 30 Ideas in 30 Minutes: Business Expo and Showcase Edition!

Together, they came up with some tips to make your booth be the BUZZ of the Expo!

  1. Spread the word about the event to clients and friends in person. Leverage all your marketing channels: email, website, social media, phone, etc
  2. If you can secure a list of attendees or if you’re a B2B, vendors, reach out to the people attending before the event
  3. First Impressions are everything – present your cohesive brand. Use bright colors and lighting to stand out
  4. Create visually engaging displays that will catch attention of prospective leads
  5. Think of an easy way to keep people in your booth longer such as setting up a charging station where people can plug in their phone for a few minutes while they are talking with you!
  6. Choose the Right Location – think corners, end of aisle and by the tasting rooms
  7. Give show attendees a gift to remember you.  High-end merchandise includes items such as USB drives, portable battery chargers, Bluetooth speakers, phone cases, screen cleaners, headphones, activity trackers. Choose something that is relevant to your brand. Lesser expensive items include reusable bags, T-shirts, baseball caps, sunglasses, mugs, cups, water bottles, stress balls. Tip: Don’t blast clothing and wearable accessories with huge logos. People will keep and wear fashionable items with a discrete logo.
  8. Think about holding a raffle, giving away a prize that appeals to a broad audience
  9. Staff your booth with your best team members. Choose those with outgoing personalities who will enjoy speaking with new people
  10. Bring enough staff to allow for frequent breaks. It is important to have employees fresh and energetic throughout the event
  11. If you have enough staff, think about assigning 1-2 hour shifts, keeping the staff fresh will help with keeping conversations engaging
  12. Step out of the booth and engage people in the aisle
  13. Remember this is your chance to let your customers put a face with your brand and to start building trust. Be genuine and helpful in your conversations. Ditch the cheesy sales pitch
  14. Start a conversation with an open-ended question. Try: “What brings you to the show?” or “How is the expo going for you so far?”
  15. Follow any hashtags for the event on social media to do some pre-show networking
  16. Schedule your Social Media for the day of the event, keeping you off the phone & open for engaging. Keeping your presence well-advertised
  17. After you receive a business card, jot down a note on it to jog memory when the expo is over
  18. When you meet people you wish to talk with further, plan to have lunch or coffee. Set a date, if you can without being too pushy
  19. Make it about networking, not selling. You want to hear about what they do more than what you do.
  20. Promote your presence at the show ahead of time – think direct mail, invitations, inserts in your billings to customers, or email campaign
  21. Be sure to have enough of your collateral material – reorder business cards, brochures, etc. before the event, so you don’t run out
  22. Network with your fellow vendors! They could be a potential customer
  23. Welcome them In: Don’t use tables as barricades. Increase your traffic by placing tables off to the side. Have an open entry into your booth
  24. Think vertically, Banners and hanging displays can be a great way to take your logo to new heights. A hanging display will help bring your booth design up a notch, allowing attendees to see your branding from across the floor
  25. Don’t ignore your current customers, sure you already work with the, but you could learn a thing or two about ways to improve or introduce them to a new product or service!
  26. Follow Up! Follow-up after the show is the best way to guarantee success. This is where many exhibitors drop the ball. Make use of the names you have gathered; send thank you notes, send out your informational brochures, follow-up on your sales leads, and fulfill your promises to send information immediately.
  27. Be interactive – bring up spin to win wheels or games (guess the jellybeans or cornhole) as way to add interaction to your booth
  28. Promote an incentive to visit your booth, like putting a card in the gift bags or handing out as people come into the expo to visit your booth and “trade up” or “trade in” for a higher end item. Think trade the charging cord for a power bank
  29. Think of their booth as a mini retail store. Say hi to everyone who walks by – use the foot traffic to pass out things like flyers or stickers
  30. HAVE FUN!

Bonus! What to AVOID

  • Don’t talk, text or tweet on your phone. People won’t want to bother you if you look busy. If you have an emergency that requires you to be on the phone, step out of view
  • Don’t sit or stand with your back to the aisle. People will hesitate to bother you if look unapproachable. Stand facing the aisle so you can smile and greet people as they pass by
  • Don’t eat in your booth. It is messy and distracting. Save snacks for your breaks
  • Don’t ignore potential customers while catching up on office gossip with other coworkers in the booth
  • Don’t leave someone standing without engaging them. If you are already engaging with another guest, find a way to invite the new person into the conversation. “Example: Say Hi, and introduce yourself and the person you’ve been speaking with as (name) from (XYZ company). Ask the new person where they’re from…”



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