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Daily Archives: October 10, 2017

How to be a successful morning person

How to be a successful morning person (yes you).

Bee Positive: Advice from the Hive

Let’s face it; the summer is a time where we get a little loose with our schedules. With all of that extra daylight, we tend to stay up a little later, which usually means we’re waking up a little later too. Sadly, the summer has come and gone, so now it’s time to get back on track. Conquering a morning routine is a great place to start!

Not a morning person? Relax. We don’t just do print and design. We’ve also designed some tips to help you beat the snooze button! Just adhere to these words of wisdom from the Hive, and you should be able to beat those morning blues.

Create some morning motivation.
Tell yourself at night, that tomorrow morning will be different! Set some easy morning goals for yourself. Think about what you want most in life, whether it’s a new home, to lose a few pounds or a luxury vacation and put a picture of that next to your bed. Seeing your motivation for getting up, will motivate you not to hit snooze!

You’re a human. Humans are not nocturnal.
Who doesn’t love to stay up and binge watch Orange is the New Black on Netflix? Unfortunately, staying up into the wee morning hours will not help. Try going to bed an hour earlier. That extra time could make all the difference in the morning.

Unplug from the distractions of the world.
Great, you did it—you’re in bed an hour earlier. Now comes the tricky part: put down your phone, tablet or laptop and turn off the TV. You probably spend most the day in front of the screen. By restricting your screen time before bed, you allow your brain some time to relax, and that should help you fall asleep faster.

Come up with a realistic rise and shine time—and stick to it.
Pick a time to set one alarm (not 6) and try your hardest to avoid that wonderful snooze button. Believe it or not, studies show ( that hitting the snooze button makes you groggier because it interrupts the body’s sleep cycle (REM). When setting your alarm, choose a pleasant, soothing sound. A successful daily routine will start with waking up at the same time each day, so make this a habit for yourself.

You’re already awake for the day, and that’s okay.
We have all woken up a few minutes before our alarm goes off. Most of us use those extra minutes to catch a few more z’s. Instead of going back to sleep, use this time to plan your day or clear your mind before jumping out of bed.

Feed your face (we saved the best for last).
Once you’ve woken up, make a good breakfast. After waking up, your metabolism and blood sugar are at the lowest level of the day. A sensible breakfast can give you that jolt of energy you are looking for. When planning your plate think protein, fruits, veggie and a whole grain.

These slight changes, while not drastic, will be difficult at first. Keep your eye on the prize and remember that they will improve your routine and be well worth it in the end!