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We are Blue Bumble Creative

We’ve all changed since the year 2000. Maybe you got married, maybe you moved somewhere new, maybe you’re Justin Bieber, and you’ve changed your hairstyle a few times. (If you are Justin then good job with the new music, keep topping those charts.) No matter who you are, you can reflect on the past fifteen years and list a lot of ways that you’ve grown and evolved. We’re no different. Which is why we’re rebranding from DSI Marketing Communications to Blue Bumble Creative.
Maybe you’re wondering what “rebranding” means. Maybe you’re asking, “Isn’t that the corporate word companies use when they’re trying to make a business change without losing their devoted clients?” And the answer to that question is “Yes. You are very smart and beautiful… But slow down.” A lot of great things can come from a rebrand so don’t get scared by the word; we didn’t make it up.
With this new change, we’re getting back to our core services. We’re putting the focus back on graphic design, website design and development, and production services. But don’t panic!! Seriously. We hope you’re not panicking right now. If possible, try to read this from the floor that you’re rolling on to put an end to your panicking. Our services such as digital printing, signage, wide format, fulfillment, and shipping will remain. Aren’t you glad you didn’t panic? Take a moment to be proud if you didn’t panic. The combination of the new services such as social media management, and the familiar services listed above, will lead us into the future with room for growth.
So what’s the deal with the name Blue Bumble? Hopefully, you read that in your best Seinfeld voice. Don’t worry if you didn’t, that show isn’t on the air anymore so he can’t control us. We put a lot of careful thought and consideration into the name, keeping in mind our values, strengths, and clients. It breaks down like this: The hard working, never give up, hive mentality, of a bumble bee, plus the wisdom, knowledge, and loyalty, that is conveyed by the color blue, equals Blue Bumble. Boom. You now have a degree in word math. That’ll be one hundred million dollars.
Now since all of that has been said, we would like to thank you for being part of our story. We greatly appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future! Don’t forget to check out the new website at
As always, we’re open to any feedback you have. Let us know what challenges you’re facing, what services you wish we offered, or anything else you can think of. We would love to hear from you, email us at Thank you!

15 Lessons from 15 Years

It’s hard to believe the company I started in the basement of my house is celebrating 15 years in business. As a business owner and leader, I’ve been faced with many significant decisions. Some have worked, and well, some have not. It happens in business.

I’ve put together 15 important business lessons I’ve learned along the way to pay it forward. Cheers to a successful future for all!

  1. Provide great customer service. Clients and customers talk about their experiences. Good, bad, or ugly. Aim for Awesome!
  2. Be fearless. Don’t be afraid to try. You might fail, more often than not; you’ll end up succeeding.
  3. Never stop learning. Be open to advice and understand that we all have room for improvement and growth. There’s something new every day!
  4. Give back. Share your experiences, help fellow business owners, support (and shop) in your local community.
  5. Stay focused. Outline goals and work towards them diligently. Remember quality over quantity and follow through.
  6. Give praise. Share the good moments with your entire team. Thank team members who go above and beyond. Remember we are better and stronger as a team.
  7. Listen. To clients, employees, partners, and more. Feedback (although not always easy) will keep you aware of all aspects of your business and help strengthen your weaknesses.
  8. Know your competition. Understand your direct and indirect competitors. Keep them close – know what they are doing, their pricing, the market, etc.
  9. Change. Stay current in your industry and keep new trends so you remain the expert in your field. Constantly evolve!
  10. Treat your employees well. When your employees are happy, your clients are happier.
  11. Keep an open mind. Be open to hearing new ideas, implementing changes you should make, and following new adventures.
  12. Don’t take things too seriously. Get things done. Make things happen. Remember to have a good time. Who wants to spend 40+ hours a week without laughter?
  13. Be candid. It’s easier to avoid tough conversations, because, well, they are tough. If someone is on the wrong track, tell them. Otherwise, they’ll never have the chance to make things right.
  14. Trust your team. You hired them for a reason. Let them prove you right. They will effectively and efficiently get the job done.
  15. Live your passion. Life is too short not to spend it doing what you love.

And when you have that “AHA” moment, and you will, remember to thank those who have helped you along the way. Then, take one step more and Pay it Forward!