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Your Must Have Expo Items

Fall Expo Season is Upon Us!

Summer has come and gone, and now we all find ourselves gearing up for another jam-packed expo and tradeshow season.

We know you’re excited to engage with prospective clients, customers, and partners, while showcasing your company’s products and services. Before you go running off make sure you’re prepared!

Here are some must have items . . .


Message from the Queen Bee

It’s a difficult decision to take a company and change its identity. A decision made even harder when you have built that identity over many years. We have never been the type to shy away from a challenge. Here Laurie, our Queen Bee, talks about what’s changing, what stays the same and the future of DSI Marketing soon to be Blue Bumble Creative.


#1 Question You Need to Ask Your Printer

Whether or not you’ve ever worked with a commercial printer before, there’s one question you need to ask a printer every time you ask for a printing quote:

“Is this the best way to produce this job?”

We’d all like to believe that the way we have specified a job to print is the best way to get it done. Maybe it is; maybe it isn’t.

There’s no harm in letting your printers know you’re open to their ideas – even if you don’t like what they come back with or you decide to stick with your original plan.

It’s silly not to ask for their ideas.

Just a few things you might find out when you ask for a printer’s input:

There’s a more efficient size and/or format.

  • There’s a better paper option that won’t cause any problems on press.
  • The way you’ve designed your direct mail piece will increase your postage needlessly.
  • The way you’ve designed your direct mail piece can’t be mailed by the USPS!
  • There’s a substrate that’s better suited for your outdoor signage.
  • The stock you’ve spec’d isn’t thick enough for what the piece is intended to do.
  • There are new types of banner stands that will give you a more professional product.
  • A slightly different size will save you money.

And so on and so forth.

Long story shot . . . always ask a printer to share ideas for improving your job.

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